15 maio 2012

Johny Vader

Johny Vader
Never got his light saber,
And was too young to ride on the Death Star.
It’s not a moon his father would say,
Do you want me to ring yoda so you have a friend to play?

But Yoda has always ever too busy,
And never invited him to stay.
Being the emperor’s favourite is never easy,
And even that was left astray.

Oh what to do with little Johny,
The lesser know son of Darth Vader?

I want to join the rebel force,
He thought to himself,
They actually have a good rep.
But no, no one would play with little Johny,
They would always cry “it’s a trap!”

So Johny went away,
And got a little bit strange.
Looked into his life,
And submitted for a sex change.

What should I do now?
Well, look for a new name would do.
And a nice title to go with it too.

A princess, because I like pink,
And black was never my thing
Plus a cool name.
Carol is taken,
And Betty too lame.
What about Leia? His doctor suggested,
It will go nice with those breats implanted.

So princess Leia,
Johny became.
And with the rebels he came...
To play.
And get a ride on the Death Star.