11 fevereiro 2010

curious cases

deixo aqui publicidade e um
texto e imagem de Velica, um algarvio em birmingham, ao que parece.

All across Europe a strange phenomenon is occurring.

Both the left and right wing strongly oppose the use of niqāb and the burqa by Muslim women. Months after the minaret ban in Switzerland commotion begun in France, UK, Germany and other European countries to ban the face enveloping garment.

However, and this is in my opinion the curious bit, the reasons behind this opposition are completely different between left and right wingers.

The right bases its argument on security and integration. This is, of course, a mask for the post-9/11 islamophobia and the result of a conservative bunch not liking to see people dressed differently. Maybe the next ban will be the Sikh turbans, then the tatoos, long hair and so on.

At the left the word of order is equality, female emancipation and fight against patriarchy.

From my description of things you can imagine I sit closer to the left than to the right. Yet, I can not agree with any sort of government-endorsed ban on clothing. I too disagree that women should cover themselves for fear of punishment, shame or any sort of oppressive force but it is up to them to initiate the struggle against it.

The western values of freedom, equality and emancipation should not be imposed to anyone. Instead these values should remain strong here amongst us and seduce other cultures to adopt them. If they want.

ideias? em portugal esta discussão não será talvez muito relevante, mas aqui na suécia, ui ui.

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