02 novembro 2009

From Phi Phi Islands

After 12 hours of 3 flights we got to Krabi and took a boat (another 1,5h) to the phi phi islands... staying in a resort and eating great seafood.. by the time of 20h we had already had dinner and were thinking of moving to bed cos we were 24h awake... but no!!! after 2 big Shingas and 3 vodka red bulls.. we were dancing in the beach, playing with a dog and swimming in the most beautiful bay i have ever been!! a full moon party... we stayed until 6h in the morning which means we were around 40 hours awake!!! 28 but rock hard!!! a lot of happiness.. this is an absolute paradise... love the thai people... everyone is nice and smilling all the time!!! super friendly..

Im more and more not thinking of India, this is the perfect place... im meeting people all the time and everyone is in a constant good mood of carpe diem!!! este e' o sitio perfeito para esquecer e fazer um recomeco!! estar aqui com o luis e' um privilegio!!

Today we woke up at 14h and went to the beach of The beach.. the sunset .. the whitest sand ive ever seen, snorkelling in amazing corals.. today is also some holiday with a lot of cool stuff happening.. had dinner in the same place.. shrimps of my arm's size ... and more food... everything is 10 euros!!! its a paradise!! 2 swedish girls joined us. its fun to meet people all the time.

And now back to the beach..

beijinhos e abracos!

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