07 novembro 2009

Into the wild

So here it comes.. the resume of the day.. this actually feels therapeutical ..

Yesterday was the last night with Luis.. we ended up laughing and crying until late as hell.. i ended up playing drums in a reggae bar and Luis the congas.. so... thats a crazy last night...

Today we got up and Luis left to his maniac trip back of 4 flights.. poor guy.. with a hangover..

I head on to the remote beach of Ton Sai.. its the most relaxed place ive been in Thailand.. and i decided to go deep, deep into the wild.. so from resorts with swimming pool, private bathroom, air conditioning and cleaning ladies for 20euros per night... now im a bungalow with a mosquito net, shared bathroom, a fan that only has 1 speed and all kind of insects in the floor, and a shared
wc that resembles a toilet from a concentration camp with spiders as big as the palm of my hand... kind of interesting to shower naked while staring to this funky spider.. and this costs 4euros.. Worth the excitement!!

every bungalow and bar is towards the beach where you can see these kind of sunsets,,, its a postcard.. all the time...

now its funny to adapt to be alone... hearing other people.. dinned in the middle of 2 sweds and 4 germans.. it felt good to understand the sweds.. i can keep my swedish while im here... you meet many nationalities but mainly its sweds, aussies, brits, germans and austrians.. and some israelis!!

Im going to meet my girlfriend Singha and call it a night..

kop kun ka

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