04 novembro 2009

Im a Sexy Monkey

Today we woke up quite early and head on to a daytrip with a boat around the islands here.. it was amazing to snorkell and enjoy the beautiful landscapes!!! By the end of the day there was a storm and the boat was like in picture so all i have to say is that it was quite a challenge and something to remenber!!!

Anyway i got 2 casualties by now... my compact camera and cellphone decided to die...so i cant reach anyone.. ill see what i can do.. but im not too stressed about it... ill figure something out..

O meu telemovel deixaram de funcionar as teclas... a camara q comprei de proposito p a viagem deixou de funcionar tambem.. enfim... q sejam os bens materiais o pior dos meus males..

Conhecemos uns espanhois porreiros... vamos jantar com eles.. te manha!
Adoro isto!!! Revelations are starting to happen!!

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  1. May Nothing! Assim é que é! Viva Fare Viva BiF na Tailandia ou no cú de judas!